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Meet the team that brings you The Celebrity Corner:

Jason Dinant - Host / Executive Producer


Jason Dinant, the host of The Celebrity Corner, got his start in radio at his high school in upstate NY where he was given the opportunity to host a student radio show.
Dinant also participated in the summer radio program at Syracuse University and worked as a DJ for the university's station, Z89. While at Z89 Jason also was a member of the street team and promotions department.
In late 2004 he was a cast member of the radio take off of the popular TV show, The Apprentice for Las Vegas radio station KLUC.
Before hosting The Celebrity Corner, Jason got his start in internet radio as a frequent co-host of the Coffee with Caryll Morning Show.
Visit www.JasonWriter.com for more information about Jason Dinant

Brett Burke - Co-Host / Co-Producer


~Brett's Bio Coming Soon~

Kenya White - Special Co-Host
Kenya co-hosted several of our live episodes during the month of July and August 2005.
She has since moved on to bigger and better things.

Kenya & Jason at the Palms

Terese Kelly - Musical Consultant / Owner TK Studios

Terese Kelly & Jason Dinant at Land of the Dead premier

Terese Kelly is a musician and singer from Las Vegas, NV. She writes original music and is a composer. Terese co-wrote The Celebrity Corner's theme song with Jason Dinant.

Shereas Spencer - Movie and Book Reviews - Reporter
Shereas Spencer is from St. Louis, MO. She has been reviewing books for several years and writes the Sher's Book Review online and joins The Celebrity Corner team to review movies and books for the show.
Partner Sites:
The following sites are a part of The Celebrity Corner team and together help with the show's guest line up and advertising of the show.

TK Studios
Thanks to TK Studios in Las Vegas, NV for supporting The Celebrity Corner and providing studio time for the recording of our commercials, theme song and other pre-recorded elements of the show.


Thanks to all of our street team members!!!

Street team members are currently located in:
  • Las Vegas
  • LA
  • NYC
  • Miami
  • San Fransisco
  • Syracuse

Views and opinions expressed by guests appearing on the show are not necessarily those of Jason Dinant, Dominick Fantacone, Terese Kelly or any other entity involved with the production of The Celebrity Corner. The Celebrity Corner theme song, written by Jason Dinant and Terese Kelly, is copyrighted and can not be used without the written consent of Jason Dinant. All interviews are property of The Celebrity Corner and can not be used without the written consent of the producers. All Rights Reserved 2006, 2005. Info@TheCelebrityCorner.com

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