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How to: Break Into Local Theatre

Everyone in the entertainment business had to start somewhere. If you are not born into it you probably want to know how to break into the business. Be patient there are many people in your same shoes. If you desire stardom and you are talented you need to get started and let people know you are out there. Here are some ways to get started in the business and get people to notice you.

If you are not in school or college you may be wondering where to go to get cast in a show. That is a good question. Here are some answers:

  • Check your local papers entertainment section they usually have local auditions posted in them. Free local papers and college newspapers are also a great source of upcoming auditions.
  • Create a list of local theatres and/or theatre groups in your area. See if they have a website, if so they are a good source of what auditions they have coming up. If they don't have a website, contact them on your own and let them know you are out there. Many theaters have mailing lists see if you can be placed on the list.
  • Many areas have theatre and/or entertainment sites or newspapers. These are places where all local theatre groups list audition notices, upcoming performances and contact information (ie: See if your area has a similar site. If so they are a valuable resource, use them to your advantage!

Now that you know where to look for auditions you need to prepare for the audition. Many times you will need to have a prepared monologue piece for the audition. There are many things to consider before you choose a monolgue piece for an audition. If you are auditioning for a comedy choose a comedy
piece to do for the monologue. Same goes for a drama and so on.

Another good rule about audition pieces is this: never go in to audition for Annie with a piece from Annie. You are not the casting director or producer of the show. You may actually hurt yourself by going in there with a piece from the show you are auditioning for. You may ask "why is that?" Here is the reason why: by selecting a piece you are assuming the director and producer want you for that specific role. If they are not happy with your performance you may have lost the spot. Do something unique that is similar in style to the show you are auditioning for, to show your acting talent. If you are talented they will like you and they have a choice of roles to fit you into thus giving you more opportunity to get a role.

As far as monologues go every actor should have at least 5 prepared and ready to go at any time. You may hear of an audition on the day of the audition so you may not have time to prepare, so be prepared in advance. As a good actor you should have one in every category (ie: comedy, drama, modern, etc.) so you can audition for any production in your town.

Now that you know where to go to find the auditions and have selected your audition monologues - it's time to go break into local theatre. You'll be on Broadway in no time.

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