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Help support Breast Cancer Research!
To purchase the T of your choice do so by clicking on the photo of the T!



The Got Theater? Project is happy to announce the Got Theater? Pink T! All proceeds from the sale of this T will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.
The donation will be made in memory of Got Theater? Project's greatest fan, Ellie Jones-Bissell. Ellie, the Grandmother of Jason Dinant, GTP's Artistic Director, passed away in Feb from brain cancer. Prior to brain cancer, she was a breast cancer survivor and this is a fitting tribute to her memory!
Ellie's story is an inspiration to us all. Over a three year time-span she overcame breast cancer, survived a stroke that left her paralyzed, and fought a tough battle with brain cancer. Her strength and determination over these illnesses has left a large impact on the entire Got Theater? Project family.
Last year when we held our Children's Theater Festival she was so upset she could not leave the hospital to see our shows that we brought one of the productions to the hospital. It made her day and the days of so many others who, like Ellie, had been hospitalized for some time.
We thank you for your support of Got Theater? Project and breast cancer research with your purchase of the Got Theater? Pink T!

Help support Brain Cancer Research!



The Got Theater? Project is happy to announce the Got Theater? Yellow T! for brain cancer research!
The Yellow T! in memory of Ellie Jones-Bissell is available now. All proceeds from the sale of the T! will go towards brain cancer research.
Thanks for your support of cancer research through your purchase of one of these two great T's!

The Got Theater? Project will list all donations and organizations they are made to once they are made.

Thanks for your support of Breast and Brain Cancer Research!

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