Hot List: Slot Machines


The Global Gaming Expo came to Las Vegas and The Celebrity Corner was there meeting with celebrities for interviews and checking out the new games each celeb was releasing at the expo.
Here are our top 3 picks for Hottest New Slot Machine!

George Schlatter (creator of Laugh In)

#1 Laugh In: The classic TV show Laugh In has now become a slot machine. This is our top pick for Hottest New Slot Machine. The Laugh In slot machine features bonus rounds with actual clips from the TV show. Very animated, keeps you entertained the whole time you're playing and hopefully winning!

George & Ann Lopez in front of their new slot machine

#2 George Lopez: George Lopez, his comedy and his TV show have become a slot machine. This slot has bonus rounds featuring the comedy of Lopez and will keep you laughing the whole time you play. So when you see this machine in a casino sit down and have a good time.

Don Cornelius and Jason Dinant with the Soul Train slot

#3 Soul Train: The classic TV show Soul Train has become a slot machine. The slot features the music and dance of Soul Train. During bonus rounds you are asked to select a dancer, you watch them dance and listen to music as the bonus plays out. If you want to dance as you play this is y our machine!

*The Celebrity Corner*