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The Z-List

"Life on the Z-List!" - The all new internet reality show starring J.Son Dinant
++ First Web-i-sode Below ++


In March of 2006 the reader's of the Las Vegas Weekly Magazine voted for the 2006 Reader's Choice Awards. After the voting was done and the counting was over J.Son Dinant was named "The Las Vegan Most in Need of a Reality TV Show!" The wait is over!!!... if anyone was really waiting.. LOL...
Now right here on JaSonReality.com and  MySpace.com/JSonDinant - you can watch J.Son's new internet reality show..... "Life on the Z-List!"

Life on the Z-List will be brought to you in 5 to 10 minute web-i-sodes (internet episodes) and will follow J.Son around as he travels and does his comedy thing!
The first web-i-sode is entitled "Central New York" and follows J.Son as he goes to the NY State Fair and then to the Syracuse SkyChiefs baseball game to throw out the first pitch.

Life on the Z-List is the comedy of J.Son Dinant, filmed on location in Las Vegas, NV, Syracuse, NY, New York, NY and others. No animals or humans were harmed in the filming of this show. J.Son Dinant 2006. All Rights Reserved