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Thurs Oct 30th:
Jennifer Hudson - My Prayers:

Mon Oct 27th:
Rose McGowan Endorses Obama:


Rose McGowan walked onto the stage at Krave nightclub in Las Vegas this weekend and all she had to say was "Sarah Palin" and the crowd erupted in boos!
She urged club goers to get out and vote - vote early if they could and to vote for Barack Obama.

Mon Oct 20th:
Bette Midler on Campaign Trail
Happy Monday everyone! Tonight I will be attending an Obama campaign event in Las Vegas with Bette Midler. I plan to video some of the event and make a video for NBN after I get back. This does not mean I am voting for Obama. I decided to attend one Obama event and one McCain event before election day. Once I go to an event for each I may make an endorsement.
Here is the Bette Midler event info:
You've been invited to attend Krave for Change with Bette Midler.  Go to to RSVP.

Description: Join Bette Midler at Krave nightclub in Las Vegas as she endorses Barack Obama's candidacy for President. 
Monday, October 20 from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Thurs Oct 16th:
It's TRUE - Madonna Calls it Quits:

Mon Oct 13th:
Ultra Nate' Performs:
National Coming OUT Day was October 11th and to celebrate Las Vegas held it's annual NCOD street festival. Club Diva Ultra Nate' performed at the party I hosted at Krave nightclub! YAY!
Gary Nesta Pine Performs:
"World Hold On" - The hot hot hot club hit song by Gary Nesta Pine is a dance favorite. Gary was also at my party here is a video clip:

Mon Oct 6th:
Nathan Burton OK:


My buddy Nathan Burton (America's Got Talent), comedy magician headlining at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas stopped by Krave nightclub on Saturday night. Last week Nathan was rushed to the hospital with a pinched disk in his back. He underwent emergency back surgery and is on his way to a full recovery. I'm very glad to hear he well be ok!
If you are in Las Vegas please check out Nathan Burton's show - his full schedule can be found at
And also make sure to stop by and see me every Friday as I MC/host at Krave nightclub at Planet Hollywood Casino -

Mon Sept 22nd:
Dancing with the Starts: Episode 1

Mon Sept 15th:
OJ Kicked out of Casino:

Tues Sept 9th:
OJ Simpson back in Court

Mon Sept 1st:
Let Lance Dance with Me:

Mon August 18th:
The Great 8 in 2008!

Wed Aug 13th:
Olympics Golden Boy

Mon Aug 11th:
Rest In Peace:
This has been a sad weekend in celebrity news. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.
The Olympics:
For my videos over the next few days I am focusing on the Olympics. Here is my Olympics Report #1

Mon Aug 4th:
Celebrity Week in Review:
Jacko is Backo! Micheal Jackson is back in Vegas. This weekend he took his 2 kids out on the town. The 3 with heavy security attended the Nathan Burton comedy magic show at the Flamingo Hotel. My sources tell me he came in through the back entrance... but then again when does Micheal like anything else but the back entrance??? lol...
In other silly news... have you ever heard of the song "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday? Look it up on YouTube... Here is my version... "RainBow Rain" :

Mon July 28th:
Celebrity Week in Review:
The Stories You Didn't Hear!
Vegas Update: Mandy Moore checked into the Red Rock Hotel in the suburbs of Vegas this week for some rest and relaxation. She was seen hanging out with an unkown model. My sources say she is paying this model boy to hang out with her while she is in Vegas! Crazy!
The Last Comic Standing semi-final rounds were filmed this week in Vegas. One of the comedians who was not named in the Top 3 started a fight and was escorted off property by security. No one likes a sore loser!
This weeks video is a comedy character of mine named Maria! Maria thinks she is Paris Hilton's best friend. Enjoy:

Mon July 21st:
Celebrity Drug Addicts:

Thur July 17th:
The Brangelina Twins:

Wed July 9th:
Britney & Madonna Joining Forces... Again!

Wed July 2nd:
Is Madonna Really Getting a Divorce?

Mon June 30th:
Amy Winehouse Needs To Go to Rehab!


Amy Winehouse talks about not going to Rehab in her hit song... but she really needs to. Just recently Winehouse punched a fan in the face at a concert. I did some searching and WOW... this isn't the first time she's done such a thing. Back in 2006 she punched a female fan in the face and then kneed the fans boyfriend in the balls.
She is nuts... well I don't want to get punched if she reads this.... so cross that last bit out and replace it with... Amy you are so great, please keep doing what you do... LOL!

Sun June 29th:
Jen Aniston joins the Papparazzi!


Jen Aniston is now a papparazzi... well not really... only when she is watching her boy toy John Mayer perform in London. Here she is caught snapping away at John as he is on stage!

Thurs June 26th:
Viva NOT Vegas!


So after all the hype about Michael Jackson.. Is he or isn't he coming to do a show in Vegas??
From what I have found out is... NO! Jackson will not be doing a long running show in Vegas like Elton John or Celine Dion...
From what I have found out Jackson was set to have a show at the Wynn Hotel and Casino. The stage was designed the production had been lined up... then Steve Wynn figured that it was not the right thing to do.
Would fans be willing to go out in public and show their support for a man who may have actually touched little boys... even though he has never been found guilty, does that still have a stigma? So instead of taking on a huge risk Steve Wynn went with the Vegas tried and true Danny Gans. Gans may not have a name outside of Vegas but he is a huge draw and one of the best singing impersonators around. So even if Jackson is not there to perform I'm sure Gans will sing Thriller and sound just like him!

Mon June 23rd:
Georgle Carlin - 7 Words Tribute:
If you're offended by "dirty" words... don't watch... but better question if you are offended by "dirty" words what are you doing on my site??? LOL
R.I.P. George Carlin
George Carlin was one of my comedy idols. I watched him and he inspired me to keep going after my dreams.

He was fucking crazy but thats why everyone loved George Carlin! He told you what he thought and he didn't hold back!
He lived life Naked!

Sat June 21st:
George Michael in Las Vegas!


George Michael's come back tour entitled 25 hits the Las Vegas Strip tonight when he performs at the MGM Grand. The show is sure to be filled with his hits from "Father Figure" to "Careless Whisper"
Naked Boy News will be at the concert! I'll make sure to give a full review of the show tomorrow right here on the site.
Elton John is in town doing his show the Red Piano... will he make a surprise appearance at the concert to perform "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" with George?? I Hope so!
UPDATE: (Sun June 22nd) The concert last night rocked... however no Elton John duet.
(Soon I'll be posting a few photos I took from my cell phone last night)

Thurs June 19th:
Jamie Lynn Whore... Opps I mean Spears!

Jamie Lynn is now a Mom. The 17 year old whore.. opps I mean teen TV star, who became pregnant at the age of 16 gave birth to her baby girl. Reports state that she gave birth at 9:30 am central time this morning. The baby girls name is Maddie Briann.
Now hopefully she won't be a tragic mess like big sis Brit Brit. My advice to Jamie Lynn don't take parenting advice from you sis!

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Sat June 14th:
CineVegas Party - Britney a HOT Mess!


CineVegas Film Festival celebrated its 10th Birthday last night with a star studded pool party at the new Palms Place Resort. Everyone from Nathan Burton to Robin Leach to Britney Spears was there!
Poor Britney - she was a hot mess - her hair was dyed dark, lipstick was messed up, she had on a short dress, smoking a cigarette and drinking. She had 6 bodyguards stand in front of her and make sure no one took photos. Robin Leach was trying to talk to her and get the scoop for his Vegas AOL Blog but she wouldn't even look at him. It was actually sad to see the once "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" guy standing next to her bodyguards as if begging to meet her. One word pathetic.

Fri June 13th:
In Honor of Friday the 13th
Click here to watch the entire episode of the MTV reality show FEAR I was on a few years back.
Its scary and fun all in one!

Thurs June 12th:
CineVegas Celebrates 10th Birthday!


The CineVegas Film Festival started today in Las Vegas, celebrating its 10th year!
The fun and movies will be happening at the Palms Hotel and Casino (made famous with the MTV Real World) from June 12th to 21st.
Everyone from Dennis Hopper to John Gris (Napoleon Dynamite) will be there.
Come back to Naked Boy News for all the celebrity news and gossip from the festival throughout the coming week!

Mon June 9th:
Fried Green Tomatos Recall?

Sat June 7th:
Celebrity Weekend Wrap Up:

Thurs June 5th:
Is Jack-o Heading to Vegas?


The rumor has surface again this week that Michael Jackson may be coming to the Las Vegas Strip to join the likes of Cher and Bette Midler.
There are severak theaters that are empty or have space available to host a new headliner. They include Las Vegas Hilton, Paris Las Vegas and there may even be room at the Colosseum.
But will this rumor turn into a reality? We will just have to wait and see!

Mon June 2nd:
Rest in Peace
Within the past 24 hours we lost two influential celebrity icons. Rock pioneeer Bo Didley passed away at the age of 79 and fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent at the age of 71.
Some fun quotes from Yves Saint Laurent:
  • "We must not confuse elegance with snobbery!"
  • "A woman who has not found her style, who does not feel at ease in her clothes, who does not live in harmony with them, is a sick woman."

Sun June 1st:
Sex & the City Movie Review:
Universal Studios is on Fire!

UPDATED at 11:00am pacific time

UPDATE: (11:OOam pacific time): The fire has been contained and after all is said and done the set from "Back to the Future" and the "King Kong" exhibit from the Universal Studio tour have been destroyed. 40,000 to 50,000 film reels have been damaged as well, thankfully the studio has copies of the film reels in another undisclosed location.
Studio execs also confirm several backlot scenes have been destroyed including the New York and New England city streets used for Universal movie sets.
The MTV Movie Awards are still set to take place at Universal Studios.

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8:30am - This Just In: Just before dawn a fire broke out at the Universal Studios in LA. A movie was being filmed at the time the fire started. No word as to the cause of the fire at this time. People on the scene have reported the King Kong backlot exhibit is a total loss. Fears are that some of the studios film archives may have been damaged in the fire. The Universal Studio website states that the Theme Park will open today however the backlot tour will be partially closed.
For up to the minute news on the fire during the day visit the LA Tines - Click Here!

Sat May 31st:
Angelina: Did She Have the Twins Yet?

Wed May 28th:
Celebrity Week in Review:

Tues May 27th:

Holiday Dip!


Memorial Day is the official kick off of summer and the stars headed to the beach to celebrate.
90's singer Sarah McLachan looked more like a beached whale than a hot pop star. But after having two kids... her tummy is nice and flat!

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Sun May 25th:
Dick Martin of TV's Laugh In Dies:

Dick Martin, the zany half of the comedy team whose "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" took television by storm in the 1960s, making stars of Goldie Hawn and Lily Tomlin and creating such national catch-phrases as "Sock it to me!" has died. He was 86.

Sat May 24th:

J. Lo Set to Become Next TV Mom!


TLC announced yesterday in a press release that J. Lo and Marc Anthony have signed on to let their cameras follow them and turn their life into a reality show.
According to a press release from the cable network, the show will “deliver a slice of (Lopez’s) life that audiences have never seen before, as she takes on her career and launches a new fragrance while trying to juggle her new responsibilities as a first time mom.”
It has also been announced that their nanny left in late April and ever since the couple has been taking care of their twins all by themselves. This should make for great television!
The show is in production currently, a TV start date has not been announced just yet.

Fri May 23rd:

Advice to Cher - "Do It Naked!"

Rising Pop Star Adam Barta!

Adam on set of "Standing in the Rain" video shoot

NYC based pop singer Adam Barta is quickly on the rise to Pop Star status. He just wrapped filming of his second music video for his single "Standing in the Rain" The video was shot over the past few days in Puerto Rico.
In Dec 2007 Adam was named one of the top 10 on the MTV Logo Networks "Click List" music show countdown. In 2008 look for Adam to top the "Click List" charts again once this video hits the airwaves.
Adam has a fresh sound that will get you up and dancing every time you hear him. Make sure to check him out online at

on the set of "Standing in the Rain"

Thurs May 22nd:

Fun Celeb Photo of the Day:
J. Love takes out the Junk... in her trunk! hehe

Jennifer Love Hewitt taking out the junk... in her trunk!

The Wrong David Won!:

(photo from Idol site)

Over 12 million americans got it WRONG. 12 million is the number of votes David Cook won by last night on the American Idol finale. It's like Clay and Rueben all over again. David Archuleta in the end will have the better of the two careers and will outsell and out do the "winner" of Idol.
Oh well... maybe next year America can get it right!

Tues May 20, 2008:

Happy Birthday Cher!


Happy Birthday Cher! Today the pop diva turns 62! She will celebrate in style as she performs tonight in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. I will be there! Tomorrow come back for a video update on who was there, what happened and if the cake was yummy!

Mon May 19, 2008:

Magician Nathan Burton Opens New Vegas Show:

Magician Nathan Burton and J.Son

Comedian Magician Nathan Burton (seen on America's Got Talent) opened his funny brand of magic last week at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and invited me (J.Son) to see the show. All I can say is "WOW!" If you are in Vegas you have to see Nathan's show. He floats in the air, makes it snow in the theater, and flys across the room via a cannon. The show is back to back wow-ness that leaves you saying "How'd he do that?"
The press night opening for the show the show was filled with celebrities. Everyone from Chris Angel to Teller (Penn &Teller) to Robin Leach was there. I'd have to say one of the highlights of the night was when Nathan did an illusion where he turned a showgirl into Emmanuel Lewis (TV's Webster) he had the crowd on it's feet.
After the show the party continued at the Voga restaurant inside the hotel where everyone celebrated Nathan Burton's birthday (which was the day before). The cake was so yummy I had two pieces... but shhh don't tell anyone.
Let me say one thing... Ladies love Webster. He had more ladies on him then Chris Angel ever though of. (opps did I say that out loud).
If you're in Vegas check out Nathan Burton's Comedy Magis Show at the Flamingo and make sure to visit him online at

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