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Who is Naked Boy?
Naked Boy is J.Son
Where have you seen Naked Boy before?
J.Son has been on several TV shows including: FEAR (MTV), Inked (A&E), Open Call (TV Guide), Real World Special (MTV) and a few others. Recently Naked Boy News has been seen on several CNN TV shows and on
Where Can You Meet J.Son?
J.Son the host of Naked Boy News is also the host/MC of Krave nightclub in Las Vegas - Click Here!
Where else can you see Naked Boy on the net?
Why Naked Boy News?
Are you tired of the boring network news? Do you want to hear what people really think? Stop being polite and start getting real! Naked Boy News gives you today's top headlines with the real way people react to the stories. "Raw - Naked - UnCensored News!"
Why Naked?
Why Not? If you're going to do something - "Do It Naked!"
Contact Naked Boy News:
If you are interested in booking Naked Boy News host J.Son for your event or gay pride please send email to:
Fan letters can be sent there as well.

"Raw - Naked - UnCensored News!"