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Previous Shows:

August 28th:

Off Broadway Theatre Episode

  • Cast of: Stomp! (the off-Broadway Hit!)
  • Cast of: The Musical of The Muscials: The Musical (off-Broadway Hit!)
  • Cast of: To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday (community theater production)

Previous Shows:

August 21st:

Our 1st Independent Film Episode

  • Tom Zuber(writer/director of Little Athens)
  • John Patrick Amedori (actor from Little Athens, also seen in Butterfly Effect)
  • Jon Hoffman and Micheal Amede (writers/directors of Turning Green)
  • Monty Lapica - (writer/director of Self Medicated)
  • Music from Robby Holley, Zico and Sam Brooker


    August 14th:

    Our 1st ALL Music Episode

    • Sam Brooker (Musician / Founder of Artist Revolution)
    • Stryker ::: (LA & Vegas Club DJ)
    • Music from Sam Brooker, DJ Stryker, Robby Holley.


    August 7th:

    • Emery Emery (The Aristocrats)
    • Steve Mahone (Radiant)
    • Miriam McDonald - rebroadcast of interview(Degrassi)
    • Brandon Hatt (Mtv's Fear)
    • Music from Robby Holley and Adam Barta

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    July 31st:

    Jason's 24th Birthday Bash!!!

    • Adam Barta (NYC pop singer)
    • Miriam McDonald  (Degrassi: The Next Generation)
    • Blair Dawson (NY theatre actress -curently in rehearsals for To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday)
    • Brandon Hatt (Mtv Fear Season 2)
    • Carla Baron (psychic seen on Mtv, ABC and Court TV)
    • Andrew Hyde(Amazing Race 3)

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    Photo of some of July 31st guests:

    July 24th:

    **Listen to the shows archive - Click Here**

    Photos of some of the July 24th guests:

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