Mel Aubert

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Featured Up & Coming Comic:
Mel Aubert



Mel Aubert’s Bio

Mel is a soon-to-be- retired elementary school teacher who is starting a new career in entertainment. No, she's not working at the local movie theater! She is taking the world by storm with her comedic talents and creative works. Besides performing live regularly, she has recently finished wrapping a national TV pilot with Purple Motion Pictures as well as playing the town floozy in a hilarious new comedy produced by Kirkenberry Pictures, LLC. She is currently working on her own one woman show which will open to international audiences. That's right...she has friends all over the world. Keep an eye out for this gal, folks!

She enjoys singing karaoke to anything by David Hasselhoff; long, moonlit strolls on the beach; and plucking eyebrows into a high, inquisitive arch to keep people guessing what she's curious about

Make sure to say hi to Mel at the launch party this Friday in Las vegas!
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