ThumPer Million

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'Dead Air' Released 11-17-05

Who are ThumPer Million???


ThumPer Million is the next hit comedy music group made up of BamBi ThumPer & Max Million. BamBi was previously in the group Headache Scizzors and she couldn't take the headache anymore. Max was previously in the group Limp Wrist, which he started by himself and joined up with BamBi after no one joined his band. Together they are ThumPer Million and their debut album 'Dead Air' dropped on 11-17-05. You'll be able to get a copy at The Laugh Corner launch party in Vegas on the 18th or download the songs here and make your own copy.
To hear ThumPer Million's debut single entitled 'ThumPer Max' click below.

Don't see the player click here!