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What people are saying about The Laugh Corner!


  • "Most of you class clowns out there are used to being sent to the corner so I'm sending you to" - George Wendt - Norm on Cheers & Second City Alumni


  • "Funny funny, ha ha, you're checkin' out The Laugh Corner" - Larry Joe Campbell - According to Jim


  • "To be totally honest, I hate computers, but I really enjoy this Laugh Corner thing." - Paula Pundstone - stand up comic


  • "I heart The Laugh Corner!" - Korby from ElectricWhiskey - Las Vegas


  • I checked out your debut single "Thumper Max" and I have to say wow it's so freaking hilarious I was laughing my a** off!! - KC - W Palm Beach, FL


  •  "The Road Rage 101 skit was FUNNY AS HELL!!" - Nathan - NYC


  •  "Road Rage skit is too funny" - Kristine - Danbury, CT

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