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Blog from The Comedy Festival:

Fourth Entry (November 16th 11:59pm)
George Lopez, Ann Lopez, Sierra Mist Winners and Me
Hey hey,

Tonight was a blast. I attended the Sierra Mist/MySpace Comedy Challenge. All the comedians did a great job. I'm rooting for Jen Kober. Make sure to go tonight at and VOTE.

Afterwards I was invitied up to the Absolut Vodka Suite at Caesars to hang out with the 5 finalists and George Lopez.

Last year, I met with George and Ann Lopez (his wife) in Las Vegas. George was one of the reasons I got into comedy. He gave me some advice and pointers. During the afterparty George and Ann sat down with me and filmed a segment for my new internet show and the we took some photos.

Here is a slide show, including a photo of us in the hotel bath tub:) hehe


Third Entry (November 15, 2006 - 07:21pm)
AOL Comedy Booth and First Comedy Show

Hey hey,

I'm here at the booth at The Comedy Festival. It's full of fun and laughter. You can come record a video in the AOL booth and send it to friends, also get on the HBO stage and tell a joke. HBO records it and posts it online for all your friends to see.

I'm off to see the Tom Joyner Comedy Show in an hour. The show features Tom Joyner, Mo'Nique (if I spelt that right), Damian Wayans and a bunch more. I'll write more later and write a lil review of the show.

J.Son - signing off for now

Second Entry - (November 14th, 2006 11:00pm)
Comedy Fest has Begun
Hey hey,

Comedy Fest kicked off tonight here in Vegas. It was a blast! The New Funny gang was there promoting We got asked by TBS to take part in a "Very Funny" experiment, I got to host a part of the show. fun times.

We checked out the AOL booth at the festival village. The AOL guys recognized us from MySpace (Very Cool). We may be doing some promotional stuff with AOL later on in the week at the festival.

Then it was on to the HBO Comedy Stage where Vanessa, Sara and myself got up and each performed. They filmed our performances and will be sending us an email link later today with the video.

Well that was Day 1 of The Comedy Festival. I'll be up early tomorrow to head in for Day 2.

J.Son signing off for now!

First Entry (November 12th, 2006 - 8:27pm)
Comedy Fest 2 Days Away
I'm sitting here in my office in Las Vegas and getting the last minute stuff ready for the 2nd Annual The Comedy Festival. This year we are launching The New Funny all comedy variety TV show here online.
Myself and the rest of The New Funny crew will be going to the festival and meeting with the comedians and seeing the show. We will be interviewing several of the comics for inclusion on The New Funny TV show. We'll also be doing blogs from the festival and reviews of a few of the shows.
Well I am off for now, just wante to write something here in the blog. Come back on the 14 and through the 18th to see what's going on at The Comedy Festival here in Las Vegas.
Take Care,

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