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Who's Van Urkel?

Van Urkel's Ass

You all first heard Van Urkel on the Morning Zoo's Ass-Prentice in Las Vegas. He survived 5 days of tough competition however in the end Van did not become the first Ass-prentice.
Van Urkel hails from upstate NY. He loves music and going to concerts! He has interned at WJPZ Radio in Syracuse, NY and has street-teamed for various record labels including Sony and Columbia Records.
Fun Van Urkel Facts:
Favorite Rap Group: Cypress Hill
Favorite R&B Singer: Usher
Favorite Female Rap Artist: Lil Kim (Go Brooklyn College!)
A few artists Van has met in person include: LLCoolJ, Blaque, DMX, Cypress Hill, Fugees, Paula Cole, Smashing Pumpkins and many more.
Van is also known as Jason Dinant and you can check him out at

Van Urkel Clothing line is now availble. It's the new Von Dut&*!

Van Urkel  * Las Vegas