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J.Son's Bio

What J.Son is all about...

("Red Carpet" at CineVegas Film Fest)

J.Son Dinant was born Jason Dinant on July 31st, 1981 in Syracuse, NY. He never thought he'd be doing comedy but here he is. He grew up playing baseball, tennis and golf and was on ever after school activity one could be on.. student council, yearbook, explorers.. you name it J.Son was involved. He saw himself growing up and being President one day... boy was he wrong...
J.Son started his career in entertainment while attending UNLV for political science. It all started as a bet with a friend over who could get a better grade in an acting class. J.Son won the bet and got an A in the class! He added theatre on as a second major. He continued to take acting classes and also started to write. His first short play "The Night That Changed my Life" was produced in 2001 at UNLV as part of the JN Women's Center annual dinner theater event.
After September 11th, 2001 J.Son wanted to move back to New York to be with family. While there he lived in both Syracuse and Brooklyn. His stay in Brooklyn led him to write his second play "Fish Talk" which he completed in 2003. J.Son tried to get the play produced yet no theater would... he then took matters into his own hands. In August of 2003 he self produced the play and opened up the Got Theater? Project, local theatre production company. The premise behind the Got Theater? Project... help undiscovered writers get their break and at the same time raise money for charity through theatrical events. In 2004 J.Son recieved the coveted Jefferson Award for Outstanding Community Service for starting the project.
In May of 2004 he moved back to Las Vegas for entertainment and was hired on at the Celine Dion show. He first worked doing guest services and then moved on to the box office at the show. While back in Vegas a friend was reading some of his new plays and commented on how they seemed to be one man stand up acts. That was the spark that led J.Son to look into comedy...
J.Son started out trying his hand in stand up comedy. He has performed all over the country including comedy clubs in: New York, California and Nevada. After a year doing stand up he realized that SNL style comedy was more his thing. He is currently working on a one man show entitiled "The True Confessions of my Alter-Egos" and hopes to bring it to a theater/comedy club near you very soon!

J.Son has been on several TV shows including:
Fear (MTV)
Inked (A&E)
Caesars 24/7 (A&E)
Open Call (TV Guide)
Choose or Lose (MTV)
Today in Vegas (Comcast 24)

Other Fun J.Son Facts:
  • J.Son ran in the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay
  • J.Son won the coveted Jefferson Award for Outstanding Community Service in 2004
  • J.Son threw out a first pitch during a 2006 Syracuse SkyChiefs (baseball) home game

J.Son is currently ranked as the No. 1 stand up comic from Las Vegas, Nevada and in the Top 200 Comics in the USA on MySpace.com
J.Son was named "The Las Vegan Most in Need of a Reality Show!" by the Las Vegas Weekly Magazine