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Las Vegas Weekly

CineVegas Film Festival - Party Gossip Column


June 12, Jet, Mirage

There's a huge pileup of people outside the doors—in other words, it's just like every other Monday night at Jet, whose weekly locals/industry night is a force to be reckoned with. Well, except for the cheers that go up from the crowd every time someone new is photographed at the step-and-repeat. Inside, DJ Crooked is in the main room, with DJs Neva and Eddie McDonald spinning in the two smaller areas. Clips from various festival films are showing on the walls, and a couple is already dancing atop one of the banquettes. The ceiling's light display is flashing faster than my neurons can process, and I retreat to listen to McDonald and chat with Eva Aridjis, writer and director of The Favor, and Kevin Crust, journalist for the LA Times, who both quiz me about Vegas nightclubs. I'm distracted when I see Johnny Brendan walk by in a T-shirt as opposed to his usual tank-tops. Later, I run into Jason Dinant, who asks that his name now be spelled J.Son. The rest of the night is a blur, the highlight being five Wisconsin women in matching Coyote Ugly shirts celebrating a birthday/bachelorette party. The quintet tears up the club, winding up dancing in the CineVegas VIP area into the early hours. I don't know what they put in the cheese in Wisconsin, but if the cows in California make good cheese because they're happy, the ones in Wisconsin must be ecstatic.