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LV Tribune

 Vegas Happenings
By Judy Thorburn

August 9, 2006

What a week it was, filled with comedy, an informal talk with a multi gifted performer, the Las Vegas debut of a music superstar's eagerly awaited show, and an adult film star immortalized in wax.

First off, The Laugh Pack of Comedy, comprised of eight Las Vegas based comedians (6 guys and 2 women) hosted an evening of humor on July 29th at the Beach Nightclub. The night event served as both a celebration of the 25th birthday of one of their own, J.Son Dinant and as a re-launch party for their website www.thelaughcorner.com. Each of the comedians offers a different style, and come in all shapes and sizes, ethnicities and two who have definitely come out of the closet. But, what they all have in common is a gift for making us laugh. First to hit the stage was former social worker and funny lady, Shelly McCarty who did double duty as host and comic, before introducing the lineup consisting of African American big guy Buffet Jackson, Utah bred Mormon John Hilder, Matt Markman, bi racial beauty, Honour Pillow, Brandon Muller, Brandon "Gooch" Hahn and of course the birthday boy himself, J. Son Dinant. All I can say is if you get a chance to see The Laugh Pack of Comedy in action, please do. They are one funny bunch.

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