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The Daily Dose

Life in ... 'The Real World'

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
By Ngoc Huynh
Staff writer

Baker High School graduate J.Son Dinant, 25, is steadily carving out a niche in the uber-competitive entertainment industry.

The latest addition to his resume is a scheduled appearance on "Reunited: The Real World Vegas" where he hangs out among the cast as a "sex expert." The show reunites the Vegas cast from five years ago in their former home at the Palms Casino Resort in Sin City and will run for six episodes starting May 30.

Dinant got involved in the reunion special with the help of some "Real World" producers.

On one of the episodes that will air next month, cast member Trishelle decides to throw a belated bachelorette party for fellow cast member Brynn who married since the show ended. Trishelle contacts Dinant as a "sex expert" for help with some party games.

Dinant landed the role about a month ago after his creative use of lollipops during an audition was a hit, he said. The reunion cast members and MTV producers liked his character, Dinant said, so he was invited back during filming but doesn't know how many of the six episodes will include him.

Speaking freely about sex didn't always come easy for Dinant. Openly gay now, Dinant said he kept it a secret in high school. Although he was active in student council, the yearbook staff and other activities, Dinant said he feared the backlash.

"I never came out of the closet (while in high school)," he said. "I was very conscious of the fact that people would think of me differently. I wanted to be perceived as a good kid."

After graduating from high school, Dinant attended the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. He majored in political science and theater while dabbling in the entertainment industry. He's working in Las Vegas as a box office supervisor and house manager for theater shows with Harrah's Entertainment.

Dinant, who also works as a stand-up comedian, has appeared on other reality shows including A&E's "Inked" and "Fear," also on MTV.

"Once I was true to myself and open and honest about things, everything came out," he said. "I definitely came out of my shell."

How did you get the Real World gig?

"A friend of mine, his name is Chad . . ., he got a phone call saying do you know anybody who is a comedian and would be cool for a sex expert. He gave my Myspace page to MTV and they called me for the audition."

Do the show's crew members pay attention to your every move? "They listened to everything. I couldn't even use the bathroom without them listening to me pee. The cameras are not always around, but the microphones are always on. When something starts to sound good, they come out with the cameras. After the experience, I don't think I can be a full-time cast member of that show."

What is your next goal? "I will be on 'Saturday Night Live.' That is my goal. That is my mission."

How do you come up with ideas? "I call it J.Son's reality. I take things from what I see in real life . . . the oddity and absurdity of real life and I over exaggerate it."

Any advice for someone who wants to go into showbiz? "You really need to know if you can handle it. You have to really be willing to take rejections. You have to understand that you will be rejected more times than accepted. I've done about 100 auditions and I've been on six shows. . . . I really feel fortunate."

Why do crazy things on the show? "I don't really hold things back. I am who I am and people are going to like me or not going to like me. That's my motto: There's three trillion people in the world and if you don't like me, keep it movin'."



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