In Loving Memory of Ellie Jones-Bissell!

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About Ellie

Ellie's Story!

It is said that when we are gone we continue on by those who share our story and cherish our memory. Here is Ellie's story so she can and will forever be here with us!

Eleanor Jones-Bissell - Ellie to her friends, Mom to some and Grandma to others. From New York originally and later Tucson, AZ and then back to Syracuse, NY.
Ellie is a great friend, wonderful Mother, loving Grandmother and most importantly an amazing spirit!
Being from New York she has that awesome, "Yes I can" attitude!
Some Facts:
Favorite Baseball Team: LA Dodgers/Brooklyn Dodgers
Favorite Singer: Billy Ray Cyrus
Favorite College Team: U of A Wildcats
Favorite Hobby: Casinos and Bingo
Favorite Casino: Seneca Niagara (Niagara Falls, NY)
A note from Jason (Grandson): My Grandmother is one of the most important people in my life and will forever be! I remember going to her house for Thanksgiving when I was away at college. My family is in NY and she was in AZ (close to me in NV) and I would visit her for the holidays. We would have a blast together from getting ready for the big meal to getting to bed early so we could get up early in the morning and go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We would go to so many stores just to look and never buy a thing. People thought we were crazy to go to the mall during that craziness for "window shopping." To us it was fun! We did occassionally buy something, however it wasn't about shopping for us. It was about being together and having a good time. That is one thing we know how to do, have a good time.
So many wonderful memories we share that I will never have enough space to put them all.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting this site and sending your prayers!
God Bless You All!

In Our Hearts Forever - Ellie Jones-Bissell!