The Players

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The Laugh Corner features all new original comedy skits.

The team of players that brings you these skits includes:
  • Jason "Van Urkel" Dinant
  • Alissa "Hi Gorgeous" Lee
  • Mel "You get that!" Aubert
  • Shereas "Big Smile" Spencer

Jason Dinant
as Van Urkel

Alissa Lee
as Ms Lee - Van Urkel's Manager

Current Comedy Skits:
(Click Below)
(Feat. Jason Dinant and Alissa Lee)
*Just Added*
(Feat. Jason Dinant and Alissa Lee)
(Feat. Jason Dinant and Alissa Lee)

Skits Coming Soon:

  • Google What? feat. Jason Dinant 
  • Can you stop at the store? feat. Van Urkel and Big Smiles

Jason Dinant & Alissa Lee
as ThumPer Million