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The Ass-Prentice!

So what's the Ass-Prentice?
It is the radio version of the Apprentice with contestants competing for a job with the KLUC Morning Zoo. Contestants chosen based on resume and the funniest photo of their "ass".
Eight finalists where chosen:
Men's Team
  • Vanilla Urkel (HIRED Day 5 - Well never got the job, so FIRED)
  • Good Burger (FIRED Day 4)
  • Skippy (FIRED Day 1)
  • Sausage (FIRED Day 3)

Women's Team

  • Commando (FIRED Day 5)
  • Lay's (FIRED Day 2)
  • Juicy (Wild Card - HIRED Day 5)
  • Lube Job (FIRED Day 1)


Day 1
Task 1:
Create a 30 second promo for the Morning Zoo.
The Women's Team Won!
The women had a great song parady that could not be beat.
Skippy was FIRED!
Task 2:
Scavenger Hunt
The ladies suffered their first loss. As the guys had all the items after just 15 mins.
Lube Job was FIRED!
Day 2
Task 3:
Get the Morning Zoo staff the best breakfast possible without use of their own cash or credit cards.
The men not only got the breakfast for free, they also called in and asked the DJ's what they wanted. The women had a family member pay for them.
Men Win
Juicy was FIRED!
Task 4:
Get the most amount of people in one place to yell "I Love The Morning Zoo"
The women gathered 47.
The men gathered 154.
Men Win.
Lay's was FIRED!
Day 3
Task 5
 Which team can get the biggest celebrity on the Morning Zoo by 9:00am (just under 2 hours)
With Commando the only women's team member left she had to pull a men's team member name out of a hat and Sausage beacme her new teamate.
Good Burger and Vanilla Urkel got the following to call in:
Janien Valentine-Female Lead of Clint Holmes' Las Vegas Show
Ron Destefano-Broadway Actor and S-N-L Guest Star
Angela Satori-Mtv's FEAR and Designer
Gary Dourdan-CSI: Las Vegas Gave the WIN!
Commando and Sausage got:
John Robinson-UNLV Head Football Coach
The Heavy Hitter-Vegas Lawyer
A Fox 5 Reporter
Sausage was FIRED!
Day 4
You have an hour and a half to make the best give-a-way for the KLUC listeners, you can't use any money or have anything paid for by friends/co-workers, everything must be donated. You may exchange a mention on the radio for goods/services donated.
The three finalists had no one but themselves to work with and who would come out on top.
Commando went first and presented a prize of:
  • 2 Dinners for 2 from Big Dogs
  • Auto Detail
  • 2 Nights of babysitting

Vanilla Urkel went second and had a prize package of:

  • Coffee Mug and Free Coffee from 7-11
  • Free Smoothies, Mug and Lunch from Jamba Juice and C-Store at UNLV
  • Free Oil Change from Sun Country Tire & Auto
  • Dinner for 2 at Jackson's Bar and Grill
  • A variety of VIP passes to nightclubs

Good Burger went third and had a prize of:

  • Passes to Century Movie Theaters
  • 2 Tickets to Chippendales
  • 2 Tickets to V The Varity Show
  • Varity of Club Passes and other novelties

After listener feedback and discussion from Spence, Amy and Chet:

Good Burger was FIRED!

Day 5


Commando, Vanilla Urkel and a wild Card player. After much debate, Juicy was chosen as the wild card contestant.

Task 1

Answer the Morning Zoo phone lines.

Juicy and Commando had a clear lead in this task as Vanilla Urkel did not fair so hot.

Task 2

Know The Morning Zoo Quiz

Vanilla Urkel won this challenge by answering the most questions right.

Task 3

Write a one minute speech on why you should be the 1st Ass-Prentice.

Commando had a 15 second speech that did not go over well, and she was the 1st of the final three to be FIRED!

Juicy went over her minute and had to be cut off.

Vanilla Urkel gave a one minute speech that the former contestants, listeners and Morning Zoo staff seemed to like the best.

It appeared to be a big win for Vanilla Urkel...

Then came the votes:

Spence and Chet voted to HIRE Vanilla Urkel

Amy and Showkiller voted to HIRE Juicy

They then consulted with program director Cat who offered a solution.

You're both HIRED!

Juicy became the 1st Ass-Prentice (and this decision was met with sounds of  disbelief from the former contestants of the Ass-Prentice who believed Vanilla Urkel should have won). She will have the job of answering the phones for the Morning Zoo and being their assistant.

Vanilla Urkel became part of the Fun and Games department and will be doing promotional work and street teaming for the station.


Ass-Prentice, KLUC, the morning Zoo, and any logos from the radio show are the property of Infinity Radio Corp.

Van Urkel  * Las Vegas