To Casting Directors:

To Casting Directors:
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When you're casting your next project think: Jason (J.Son) Dinant!


Dear Casting Director:

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site. Below you can find a list of my skills and training to date. Also click here for my current resume.
stand-up comedy, improv, radio DJ, rollerblade, indoor rock climbing,  hip hop dance, country line dancing, painting, spoken word/poetry, host, cross country skiing, guest speaking/presenting.
  • Voice for the actor - Lillian Roberts
  • Movement for the actor - Clayton Chauvin
  • Play/Script Analysis - Robert Brewer
  • Sanford Meisner Training - Steve Rupella & Jonathon Schultz
  • Intro to acting - Clayton Chauvin
  • Hip Hop Dance Training

Thanks again for taking the time to review my information, I look forward to working with you.



Jason Dinant