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The writings of Jason Dinant:

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Jason has been writing for several years now and has been published several times. His writing includes: stage plays, screenplays, poetry, columns and more.
His stage plays have been produced in Las Vegas, NV and Syracuse, NY and include The Night That Changed My Life (JNWC Award Winning Script) and Fish Talk (SALT Award Nominee Best Original New Play).
His columns have been seen in the following publications and webzines: OutWORDS, Pretty Witty, OrwellProject, Talent Box, Post Standard and Got Theater? Project.
Jason has also taught several writing workshops including a series for bookstore Barnes & Noble.

Jason's Stage Plays:
The Night That Changed My Life (winner of the 2000 JNWC Writing Contest)
Fish Talk (2004 SALT Award Nominee - Best New Play)
The Guide: How To Eat
My Big Ole Gay Wedding

Jason's Columns:
The 10 Things You Do... Pretty Witty 2004
I Know A Reality Star!  Orwell Project Current
Amazing Race - Where'd They Go?  Orwell Project Spring 2005
What Happened on The Bachelorette?  Orwell Project Winter 2005
The How To: Series  Talent Box and Got Theater? Project Current

Jason's Screenplays:
The Wedding