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Welcome to the NEW and improved J.Son Dinant website!


2006 looks very promising for J.Son Dinant!
Many people are asking what is the whole "J.Son" thing about.... In entertertainment you must stay fresh and re-invent yourself from time to time. Jason has decided to make his stage name a little funky and has changed it to J.Son. Let him know what you think by sending a note on the "Contact J.Son" page.
This website is slowing being changed to give you easier navagation and better graphics to enjoy.
J.Son was named the Las Vegan Most in Need of a Reality Show by reader's of the Las Vegas Weekly magazine. He is currently lobbying VH1 and Comedy Central in hopes of having cameras follw him around as he tries to conquer the comedy world in under one year. More on this at www.JaSonReality.com
In the plans for J.Son this year are:
  • Continued spots at comedy clubs in Las Vegas, Syracuse, NYC and others
  • He is currently putting together a pitch for a TV show about his comedy
  • Appearences on several TV shows including Inked on A&E.
  • Development of an online reality site (www.JaSonReality.com)

J.Son As Seen On: (Click to enlarge)


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