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Faces of FEAR Cast Photo

Funny Quotes from the Duggan Cement Show:
"Don't bite me, buddy." - Mike

"That one's really angry. It scared the s*** out of me, just so you know." - Amanda

"Oh! Please! Oh my god! Oh my god! There's something in the water!" - Mike

"Alright I have to say that right now this, well this is scary. This is the scariest thing that I've done." - Paul

"This is really hard to do with the spooks around my head and the vest around my body." - Mike

"You don't understand. If you walked up this ramp you'd be... you'd pee your pants." - Jason

Information on Duggan Brothers Cement Factory:

The Curse of the Concrete Company
In the late 1700's, a small colonial village was nearly wiped off the map by one of the largest recorded storms of the 18th century. For the next 170 years, this area remained undeveloped marshland. Local historians and archaeologists had excavated the site, finding various tools, iron kettles and jewelry, in addition to a gravesite where a number of the original settlers were buried near the colonists' church. In 1953, an industrial developer purchased the land with plans to build a state-of-the-art cement manufacturing facility. While excavating the land during early construction, workers unearthed several caskets. It was discovered that the cement factory was being built directly on top of the colonial town's cemetery. With much money already invested, the developer concealed this historical discovery and continued with construction. This proved to be an unwise decision. The land soon became known as "cursed earth," haunted by the ghosts of ancient souls who--some say--have caused a record number of deaths and accidents over the 29 years of the factory's operation. Eventually various electrical problems (lights mysteriously turning on and off, machinery suddenly becoming active) led to a policy where no one was allowed to close down the factory without others present. The company's former accountant reported that in addition to hearing strange voices in the darkness and encountering "cold spots," she watched in horror as the window in her office became fogged with condensation, revealing the words, "You are going to die, bitch" written on the windowpane. The facility was also invaded by waves of unwelcome creatures. Huge, roving nests of cockroaches, spiders and other insects appeared in strange areas. Rats and snakes scurried and slithered in from the fields, causing many workers to quit and find work elsewhere. Many rumors claimed that it was the forces of nature themselves that had become enraged by the presence of the factory. In 1987, the plant finally closed for good with the company unable to hire enough workers willing to enter the facility and no buyers willing to purchase the cursed property. The facility has remained closed ever since.

The Blood Moon
Welcome to the Weekend of the Blood Moon. Throughout the duration of these dares, the team was under the influence of a "Blood Moon." A Blood Moon is when Friday the 13th coincides with a full moon, exponentially increasing the potential for supernatural activity and accidents. According to local scholars and magic practitioners, the Blood Moon increases the opportunity for some real hell-raising. Legend has it that the Blood Moon is a "day pass" for demons and restless souls to wreak havoc and mischief upon the living. Friday the 13th has long been associated with dread and foreboding. Few people seat 13 at a table, for fear that one of them will soon come upon an untimely death. Buildings, especially hotels, almost never have a 13th floor. Many serial killers have 13-letter names, such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy. To some people, 13 is a sacred number because it represents the number of full moons, or Lunar Months, in one year. Full moons have been documented as associated with unusual occurrences that range from strange behavior to crazed aggression, especially in animals. In addition, insects tend to swarm and infest locations outside of their normal nesting areas. Wiccan beliefs speak of the Blood Moon as a time when disturbed souls manifest themselves in animals and insects. Police authorities attest to an increase in homicides during full moons, and the Bureau of Fire Investigation reports that stations go on alert during full moons due to an increase in arson cases. It is said that Friday the 13th is a bad day to start a journey of any kind, lest misfortune follow. Most people recommend that the safest plan to deal with the unpredictable effects of the Blood Moon is to simply not get out of bed that day.

The following are where the dares occured:

Storage Room:
This room was once used as storage for materials such as propane and other flammables. In 1980, a propane leak started a major fire that engulfed the entire room. Many workers were severely burned. While extinguishing the blaze, the firefighters reported seeing the figure of a young woman standing in the center of the room, apparently unharmed by the surrounding flames. Several workers wondered whether this, too, might be the ghost of Mr. Roache's daughter, Anne. Although snakes are indigenous to the swamp lands of this area, this room seemed to draw a higher than average number of serpent visitors. In many cultures and religions, the Snake is the totem beast representing the element fire from within the earth. The ancient Egyptians used the snake's head to invoke the power of the fire goddess Isis to repel evil.

Sunken Crusher/Rat Tunnel:
The tunnel leading to the massive crusher once chomped unused blocks of concrete into rubble and powder. An employee was killed when he was accidentally pulled into the enormous crusher while he was working. Horrified coworkers were unable to offer any assistance, as the entire disaster took only seconds to play itself out. In 1975, because of the owner's cost-cutting practices, the crusher and the connecting tunnel flooded within a year. All efforts to drain and repair the crusher were in vain. Eventually, the management closed off this portion of the facility due to rat infestation. In some cultures, rats represent greed. Interestingly, Mr. Roache's unspoken nickname among his workers was "The Rat." To this day, rats still inhabit this tunnel.

Cricket/Elevator Room:
In 1979, Norm Daniels was finishing his 26th year as the factory's chief elevator control operator. One night as he was finishing up his shift, the door to the elevator control room jammed, locking Norm inside. By the time co-workers arrived to release him, they could hear Norm pleading to get out. As the workers tried unsuccessfully to free him, his cries became more frantic. Many workers distinctly heard Norm screaming that crickets were attacking him. Finally, the workers were able to open the door. Norm was dead on the floor. There were no crickets or sign of any insects in the room. Later it was determined that Norm had died of a heart attack. Within a few months of Norm's death, several workers noticed crickets appearing in the elevator control room. As the years went by, the number of crickets increased. Despite management's continued dismissal of the coincidence, workers believed there was a strange connection.

The Scrubber:

This platform was where employees fell six stories when one of the main supports broke free and collapsed through the levels below. By the time they removed the debris, 23 workers were dead and nine others were injured. Long after these gruesome accidents, employees claimed to hear the pleading voices of the trapped workers.

Cement Catwalk:
The first of the colonists' caskets was accidentally unearthed beneath the catwalk in 1953 while developing the land for the factory. More accidents have occurred on, beneath or near this catwalk than anywhere else in the factory. It also seems to be the source of an endless supply of cockroaches. When employees realized they had a cockroach problem, it struck them as odd that these insects chose to infest a concrete facility without a regular food source. Though they thoroughly sprayed the area with pesticides, the cockroaches always returned. Psychics determined that the cockroaches were a physical manifestation of the souls of the colonists, whose bodies were desecrated by the factory construction. A former employee testified that while working on the line above a trough where cement was poured, he watched in horror as his friend, Pete, suddenly toppled into the cement trough. He described, "Pete stared up at me, and I knew it was the last time I'd ever see him again. It was just like he was pushed off the line by an unseen force." At one point the Duggan Brothers Cement Factory was placed under a state-imposed probationary operation period following an interior catwalk collapse. The accident killed three workers instantly and a fourth died of his injuries shortly after paramedics arrived.

Multiple mysterious deaths--apparently the result of electrocution--occurred in the basement of the cement factory. Four workers were found dead in the remote basement, and in fact, the soles of one man's work boots had partially melted and stuck to the floor in the area where he was found. This area is one of the most supernaturally active areas of the factory.

Furnace/Kiln Tunnel:
This is one of the two giant furnaces that heated the rocks used to create the cement, and one of the factory's most active supernatural locations. One night in October 1968, the factory was empty and the furnace was shut down for a regular maintenance cleaning. While the cleaners were in the center of the tunnel, one of them was startled when he looked over his shoulder and saw the sullen face of a woman. One of the workers thought the woman resembled the daughter of the factory owner, Anne, who had recently died in a tragic car crash. Just then, the furnace inexplicably turned itself on, immediately filling the room with fire. Four workers who were inside died of smoke inhalation and severe burns. The man who saw the woman believed to be Anne was one of only two who escaped burning to death. The survivors never saw anyone who could have activated the furnace, and never again saw Anne or any other woman in the tunnel.

Suicide Ramp:
During the hours of the Blood Moon--a full moon that occurs on Friday the 13th--many people are unable to control their own actions and often have no memory of what happened during this time. On the last Blood Moon--Friday, February 13, 1987--the owner of the cement factory, Mr. Roache, died dramatically. Mr. Roache, who had a reputation of placing workers in life-threatening situations in order to cut costs, caused several "accidents" which killed at least 15 people. On this date, the notoriously superstitious Mr. Roache walked to the platform atop the giant 350-foot coal ramp, and for reasons unknown, hung himself. People who saw him that night said he was acting out of character, as if he were in a trance, and attributed his death to temporary possession by one of the tortured souls trapped in the vicinity. Since Mr. Roache's death, workers have reported seeing him walking up and down the ramp during the full moon. In addition, a television location scout who got lost while photographing the Duggan Brothers Cement plant recently was found dead at the base of a 350-foot coal ramp, the victim of an apparent fall. Police have refrained from speculating on the circumstances surrounding the bizarre fatality.

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Want a bag on your head???

Duggan Bros Cement Factory Cast Photo