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How to: Get On Reality TV!


Have you been watching Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor, etc and dreamt of being on the show yourself? Here are a few steps that will get you noticed and possibly get you on the show.


If you remember only one thing from this article remember this: CASTING

DIRECTORS WANT TO SEE YOU!! They are not interested in seeing you trying to be someone else. They will see right thru your act. BE YOURSELF. Half the time they themselves don't know what they are looking for until they see the person. Being yourself and UNIQUE, you may be the ONE they are looking to cast. There would be nothing worse then acting different from yourself and not getting cast when if you were yourself they would have had you on their show.


Well now that you are yourself you need to know where to go to be seen by the casting directors. If you live in a big city or you live in a city with a major university you may be lucky enough for casting directors of shows to hold open casting calls. If so, go to them, these are your best chance at getting seen. Many local papers will have ads with upcoming open calls if they are going on in your city. Also college campuses are great places to check out for upcoming casting calls. They usually will place ads in college newspapers or post flyers on college campuses.


Now if you are not in a city where they hold these open casting calls you have to find out if the show you want to be on is accepting mail in casting tapes and applications. Most shows on major networks have websites or 800 numbers where you can find out more information on the show and casting opportunities. Visit the website of the show and you will find the casting information there. Also most of the major networks have a casting or contestant information page link on their homepages. Make sure to check these out, they will quite often have casting information on new shows as well.


There is some information for you to take and have a better place to start for getting on the reality show of your choice. Hope this helps and if you get cast on a show let us know. (


Here are a few useful links:

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