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Welcome to the
Got Theater? Project Site!
Our mission: To raise funds for charity through theatrical events as well as help build the careers of undiscovered actors & writers.

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The Got Theater? Project!

We are here to "raise funds for charity thru theater!" as well as "help actors and writers build careers!"

Thank you for coming to visit our site. Look around and check it out. If you want to join our cause email us and more information will be sent your way!

How We Help Charities:

We are an innovative theatre production company that produces theatrical shows that benefit charities.

We also plan fund-raising booths, fund-raising events, and much more coming soon.

If your charity needs an event planned or would like to benefit from a Got Theater? Project theatrical production please click on the "Contact Us" page.

How We Help Actors & Writers:
The Got Theater? Project is fastly becoming a predominent resource for undiscovered actors & writers. We produce new work and cast new actors and actresses in our shows.
The following features are favorites of visitors to this site:

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(Last updated on April 6th, 2006)

Got Theater? Project * Syracuse, NY * Las Vegas, NV * "Raising funds for charity through theater!"