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RECAP: ELECTION Day in the USA! Nov 4, 2008
Naked Boy News and J.Son followed the Election:

For most recent Naked Boy News Election Nite videos and photos click on the Times Sq photo below:

J.Son - NAKED in Times Square
(Click photo above to go to J.Son's - iReport profile)

Naked Boy News calls it for Obama at 10:26pm (eastern time) from Twin Caesars bar in Syracuse, NY:

Naked Boy News featured on Blog TV Buzz:


Naked Boy News Featured in the Post Standard newspaper on Election Day:

J.Son on the Daily Dose Blog of

Photo from Voting Place (seen on CNN & iReport):

I Just Voted:

Follow J.Son and 14 other voters from around the country on CNN TV and all day Election Day.
J.Son is currently listed as 1 of 2 Undecided Voters on the CNN voter profile page. Click Here Once there click on the thumbnail photo of him on the Undecided voter tab to see his profile and video.
Watch throughout the day as CNN updates the profile after J.Son of Naked Boy News has voted and as he uploads more videos and photos throughout the day.

Swedish TV interviews J.Son in Times Square:

J.Son asked New Yorkers in Times Square who to vote for:

Video from Naked Boy News, Aftonbladet, CNN, AmanadaRamaNYC and YouTube. 2008.

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