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Random Videos from Naked Boy News:

"The Adventures of Maria!"
In this web series follow Maria as she ventures around town. She tries to get a date, goes to a dance audition and much more. Some how she always ends up looking like a clown! Sit back and enjoy... "The Adventures of Maria!"
Episode #2:
"The Dance Audition: Face Full of Pubic Hair!"
Episode #1:
"The Dating Service: Cut Off My Pee Pee!"

Shaving Chris - Got Tits?
(Added July 7th)

Worm Sex Vs. Snake Sex??? U Decide!
(Added July 7th)
This one you will want to send me a comment about... LOL...

J.Son in his Football Uniform:
(Added July 1st)

Fun Photo Slide Show
(Added June 28th)

J.Son's New Comedy:
(Added June 25th, 2008 - Sorry Boys this one is not Naked... hehe!)

1st Day of Summer = Speedo Time
(Added June 21st, 2008)

A Naked S.M.I.L.E.
(Added June 19, 2008)

Here Comes Mr. Son - Comedy Song:
(Added June 7th)

Naked Boys Advice on LOVE:
(Added June 3rd)

Lollipop Baseball:

Naked Boy News host J.Son with cast of Real World Vegas

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